Featured Work

Incentive Awards Program Gives Back

Dante Evans: "The Incentive Awards Program at the University of Maryland was giving back to the College Park community at the 6th annual College Park Good Neighbor Day. These students in this program receive a free education while also having a commitment to service throughout their four years in College Park."

Return to Force

Josh Loock: "Today was our first day of shooting in Oaxaca, Mexico. We woke up to a cool morning and a van waiting to take us to a market located a short drive from our hotel. Upon arrival we met briefly; talked about photography, suggested gestures and phrases that may aid us in photographing people in an unfamiliar country, and so on."

Food Trucks Drive into College Park

Carly Kempler: "When Prince George's County passed legislation in October 2015, University of Maryland alumnus David Engle, and senior Chris Szeluga joined forces to start their very own food truck business. What did they choose as their beloved food on wheels? A cheesy goodness we all know and love--the quesadilla."

Abroad in Oaxaca

Susann Shin traveled to Oaxaca, Mexico for a winter-term photography course through the University of Maryland, January 2016. There she had the opportunity to shoot at Capindo, a school for students with Down syndrome. "The spirit there was so high. Teachers and students were so warm and welcoming to us. The experience was amazing and challenged me technically and creatively as a photographer."


Featured work by Heather Kim.

Inside The Refugee Camp At The Foot Of The Washington Monument

Victoria Milko: "My photographs of the 'Forced From Home' interactive exhibition put on by Medecins San Frontieres (MSF or Doctors Without Borders) accompanied words by Alison Baitz on NPR's Goats & Soda."